Going Vegan - 5 Things I Learned

Going Vegan - 5 Things I Learned


Hello! I hope everyone is well. From time to time I will be doing a reflection post.  I feel it's important to let my readers know how I'm feeling in regards to my choices as a vegan. Going vegan has allowed me to reflect on myself in ways I couldn't imagine.  I feel like I'm more in tuned with my mind, body, and spirit.  I honestly think it's the fact that I am trying to go through life being more compassionate for everything around me. Enough of that! Lets get into the 5 things I learned by going vegan.

1: It's Not All About Me!


I feel like we go through life thinking it's all about us.  We are humans, so we are entitled to this, and that.  No! I will say it again, NO. We aren't entitled to shit. Just because we're humans doesn't give us the right to treat people, and animals like shit.  It's not always about us.  To many times I see people do things just because they can, without thinking about the consequences.  Going vegan has helped me realize my actions affect those around me. I am capable of creating a negative change in someone if I choose not to live by example.  It deeply hurts me to know I contributed to the pain and suffering of animals.  I didn't go out and kill an animal, I know I couldn't.  This is why I feel if you can't kill it, you damn sure shouldn't be eating it.

2: The Food I Ate Determined How I Felt


I swear this was a big one.  I would eat Chinese food and just get the most processed refined items on then menu.  Everyone I know who lives in the Bronx loves their Chinese food.  From chicken wing with fries, to general tso chicken with shrimp fried rice; $2 extra shrimp please!  It was so good.  Definitely a hood staple! Then I became a vegan.  I couldn't eat all that heavy food anymore so I started to load up on veggies and good starches.  I felt amazing.  I would look at my plate and be like, umm who is eating all of this. I just knew I would feel like shit afterwards, but I didn't.  I felt satisfied.  I was happy lol.  After eating Chinese food I was so tired.  I felt like I got run over by 2 buses and then 45 minutes later I was hungry again!  It wasn't satisfying.  My point is I realized my body is a machine. Food is the fuel.  If I put crap in it, I will feel like crap.  Once I focused on health and nutrients I began to feel amazing. Going vegan has changed my life.

3: I'm A Lot Stronger Than I Thought


Going vegan was not easy. I wanted to quit so many times.  I had to make sure I kept staples in my house so I wouldn't revert back to my old ways.  What made it even harder is that I am the only vegan in the house.  It's just me and my 14th month old. So I'm like, umm help me! Temptation was everywhere.  The only thing that saved me was my drive.  I had to push myself.  This what my choice, and something I wanted to do for a very long time.  In some of my posts you will see I mention, "remember the why in everything you do".  That was something I did every single day.  I had to hold on to the WHY.  Why am I doing this?  Why does this matter?  The answer to every question was it's not always about me. This is something I need to do for the animals and the world we live in.  I need to be their voice even in silence.

4: Cooking Is My Thing!


One huge reflection I had was I needed to change up how I cooked.  I can cook. Like for real, I can cook, but its not easy trying to make the same meals taste like they would if they contained meat.  It shouldn't in my opinion.  I wanted it to be something new. Something different.  Of course I could swap out this and that and use meat alternatives, but there are so many other dishes I wanted to explore.  Thats what prompted me to make my Paige the Vegan instagram page.  Click the link and follow me! I got my chef on and decided to take pictures.  It was fun exploring new dishes, new seasonings, and tastes.  I was way more aware of what I was eating and feeding my family.  Click here to read more about feeding non vegans lol. Cooking has become therapeutic for me.  I was in my zone! The only downside to this is when people ask me for recipes.  I don't measure anything.  Never have! I cook by smell.  If it smells off to me, I would add something else until it was just right.

5: I Cant Please Everyone


Seriously, we can't please everyone.  So many people voiced their opinions about what I was doing. Cracking jokes about how I would starve, and I won't be able to stick to this because I need meat to survive.  Bye Felecia! I don't remember asking anyone for their opinions.  There are tons of books for that.  There were vegans who said I wasn't vegan enough and I need to change this and do that. No! I am my own person and approach is everything.  Come to me with kindness and understanding and I will listen to what you have to say.  Do not attack me or preach to me because I will ignore you. It began to get overwhelming so I decided that I can't please everyone and I should just focus on me.  I remembered my why!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Please let me know what you think in the comment section below.  One thing for sure is I love connecting with you all. Leave your blog information below. I would love to follow them. Thank you and don't forget to follow and subscribe!

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Blogger Award - First Versatile Award

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