Planet Protein - Conscious Consumption

Planet Protein - Conscious Consumption

I'm Back!

Hey, Y'all!! It’s been forever since I wrote a post and I apologize. I feel it’s very important to take a step back when needed. Overall I just needed time for myself, to be honest, but on a more positive note, I have a wonderful review for you! Planet Protein sent me some nutrition bars to try but this is and always will be my own opinion. Transparency is everything.

I was contacted by Anthony from a vegan nutrition company called Planet Protein. When I tell you I was excited. I was excited! Planet Protein comes in 2 flavors so far. Peanut Butter Cup and Cherry Almond Fudge. Each one has a whopping 20g of protein, so I would like for people to stop saying vegans need to figure out how to get more protein! Yup, you read right, they are vegan.

Interviewing Planet Protein

I decided to link up and ask Anthony (IG: @chefoperatingofficer)a little about himself and the company! This is what he had to say!

What made you start Planet Protein?

Our CEO and ex-Marine, Brenden Fitzgerald went vegan overnight like so many who viewed the startling documentaries shedding so much light on the importance of this movement. Having no suitable protein bar to keep the appetite down and the energy up, Brenden just made one himself! I was a friend of his beforehand, and after spending some time at a Vegfest near my home tagged along as Chief Operating Officer.

What is your overall vision for the company?

We set out initially to provide an ethical, clean, plant-based and portable option for our customers. We saw that even among some of the cleanest bars on the market. they lacked the viability of a true serving of protein. With our commitment to product integrity intact, we are now seeking to grow our product lines with more sustainable options/opportunities to further improve the way we do business with our planet.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

At the risk of sounding boring and businesslike, it's been keeping our supply chain flowing as demand has grown. We could have cut corners and made money, but we didn't get into this industry with our ethics behind it to get rich at the expense of our customers. Our bars are larger than most and cost more than many, so growth is a tough climb but doing the right thing has no dollar value.

What is your favorite flavor?

Alright, I'll be less boring with this one. It's Peanut Butter Cup! This isn't to take away from the Cherry Almond Fudge, as it too is terrific, but who can argue with Peanut Butter? Nutrition wise, I see the Cherry Almond Fudge having the slight edge, due to the personal value I put on chia seeds. Can't go wrong with either!

What would you say is the best way to use Planet Protein?

I'll admit that I'm a pretty hangry person, no more so than in the car. Even in the intense SoFla heat these bars can survive and hold form well enough! Outside of a simple car snack, I love to dice these things up and top smoothie bowls with them.

We are excited it's vegan! What made you make a vegan protein bar?

Brenden went vegan separately from me as I was going vegetarian. Maybe I was slow to the punch, but the intent was clear. This bar was borne out of a personal need for Brenden during his transition, given that there are few bars with as much protein and no compromises to integrity. We could never imagine Planet Protein being anything different!


Planet Protein is a terrific company putting the call to action before their profits. For a quick, fulfilling snack with no compromise to our earth nor our bodies - look no further!

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